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Wedding Destination

Planning for a wedding is not easy. Many people prefer to have their wedding where most of their relatives and friends reside but a good number of couples would want to add a different taste of adventure and would rather have it in some place far from home. Destination weddings are increasingly becoming popular to many couples. Though they come with a higher price tag they also offer the best experience for both the newlyweds and their guests.

When it comes to wedding destinations in Australia the city of Perth is most likely on top of the list. The city is a perfect mixture of modern facilities and classic 18nth century architecture that paints a good background for a fairy tale ending for a love story. There are plenty of sites in Perth to serve as a venue for the wedding which comes in different styles depending on what the couple prefers.

One of the best reasons why Perth is the best wedding destination in Australia is the convenience of having a lot of suppliers readily available. From wedding organizers, wedding photographers, videographers, event planners, pastry makers and caterers everything you need to put together a wedding is here. Perth has some of the best suppliers in Australia because the wedding industry here is booming.

When it comes to locations for your prenuptial photo shoot, Perth has a long list of locations to offer you. Most people go for the classic swan valley shoot. The valley is home to many vineyards that serve as a classic and romantic backdrop for your pre-wedding shoot. The valley offers a rustic feel for couples who would like a similar theme. It also allows photographers to play with a lot of colors most, especially with the beautiful sunset bursting varied hues of orange and blue in the sky.

Wedding transport Perth also offers a unique experience. With the city’s long history preserved there is a variety of options for a wedding car whether you are looking for a classic feel or a luxurious vibe. From vintage cars that will make you feel like a celebrity in the 20s to limousines that will have you feeling like one of the VIPs in Hollywood, Perth never runs out of option for you to choose. When it comes to your guests, Wedding Transport in Perth has a variety of different vehicles you can rent for a day to ensure your guests’ comfort on your special day.

Ceremonies in Perth usually take place outdoor. There are parks and hotel gardens that allow for a solemn and beautiful ceremony under the sun. Though there aren’t any walls these outdoor ceremony set-ups can still feel very intimate as they also allow for privacy where only the guests can enter the location. For couples who want to have a traditional indoor ceremony, there is a wide range of locations to choose from.

Weddings in Perth are extra special. The place and the location is perfect for a romantic ending of a long love story but the people who live in Perth and the warmth that they offer is what makes everything truly a special experience.