Daily Archive: September 25, 2018

Custom Sport Teams T Shirts

Designing a t-shirt from scratch

Are you wondering how you could design a customised T-shirt? It doesn’t need a great deal of hard work. Just a bit of creativity and thinking out of the box can make for some great looking customised T-shirts. The following are a few steps which would help you design a t-shirt.

  • If you are customising the t-shirt for a company, a business or a squad you need to focus on the logo. A logo is what sets apart your team from others. Try to take inspiration from several logos online. The colours which you pick can also be a representation of your team colours.
  • If you are thinking of putting up an illustration on the shirt you need to make sure that it would look just as good on the shirt as it does on paper.
  • You can choose to make use of a picture available on the internet. However you might need to get the legal rights for using someone else’s design. You can even buy a stock image if you like.
  • Also make sure that you choose the right colour scheme. Whilst printing things like these count a great deal because the ink used in the design can only be obvious on certain colours. There are a few ink colours which look more vibrant on lighter colours while some look better with darker backgrounds.
  • If you have chosen a light coloured t-shirt, avoid using pastel ink colours. They wouldn’t be legible from far and there is no point at all of a t-shirt with a logo that doesn’t show.
  • Use an app like global adobe illustrator. This would help you a great deal with choosing the right colour and design.
  • You can add some dimension to your design. There are certain software’s which allow users to use a whole degree of manipulation. A standard image can be radically transformed to suit the user’s desire or preference.
  • It’s also important to note that the design should be well balanced or cohesive. Perhaps you have small elements and big ones. These should balance each other out to ensure that your design looks great in print.
  • Try making up different sketches of your designs. This would help you get a good idea of what actually looks better.
  • You also need to make sure your paper sketches are precise. You can then make use of adobe Photoshop to add dimension and character to your design.
  • When adding text to your design make sure that the design is simple and not overwhelming the text. Usually a simpler deign works well for logos.
  • When using a filer on design also make sure that it’s applied on the font as well.
  • Once your design is complete you can go to a t-shirt printing company and get a number of shirts printed.

You can even visit websites which simply let you design your own t-shirt in a few simple steps. You choose the design of the shirt and the t-shirt printing from the number of options available online.