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Buying a jet ski, or personal watercraft doesn’t have to be complicated. Mainly, the dealers are trying to sell off last year’s models, so the prices are just right. Next, should the personal watercraft be new or used? Also, which is preferred, a non-supercharged personal watercraft or a supercharged model?

There are benefits to all choices, and each should be considered before deciding on which jet ski is best. Here are a few selling points:

  • Fuel performance: a non-supercharged model doesn’t use as much fuel, and doesn’t go quite as fast as the supercharged model. The non-supercharged choice doesn’t have quite the same hauling power, but unless multiple people will be on the watercraft, or if people are being towed behind the watercraft, a non-supercharged model may be best. Non-supercharged models, due to the better fuel usage, has a better range.
  • Seating capacity: How many people will be on the jet ski at a time? When regular usage includes more weight being towed or on the jet ski, more power is definitely needed.
  • Hull choices: Which body type is best? Based on where the watercraft will typically be used, there are different body styles to choose from. If the jet ski will typically be used in flat water, the hull can be totally different from those that may be used when out in the ocean.
  • Rider experience: The choices between models need to be taken into consideration. For old-timers, a powerful jet ski that is supercharged may be the right choice. For a newbie or beginner, it may be better to choose a non-supercharged model. Though the performance is not as nimble than the supercharged jet skis, it gives the newbie a chance to “get the feel” of how each model may perform in the water.
  • Warranty information: It’s crucial to know what kind of warranty is on the model that is chosen. Also, keep in mind, the dealerships may be offering a longer warranty for older models, simply to get them sold and get free space on the showroom floor for the newer models.
  • Service schedule: Most brands will want to service watercraft at least once a year, or after 50 hours of usage, but check with the dealer first. Also, check the prices for maintenance if it doesn’t already have a warranty package that includes pre-paid maintenance with the sale.

When at the dealership, it’s important to make sure that all questions have been answered. Here are a few tips that will make a purchasing experience better:

Take notes: Make sure that every question has been discussed. Things such as locking or unlocking the jet ski, or how to flush out the watercraft after use are crucial questions, though a first-time buyer may not think to ask. Note on how to attach or unlatch the jet ski from the trailer. A lot of the advice you get in the showroom may be forgotten by the time the new owner gets the jet ski home. If the information is written down or typed into a cell phone, all of that information can be readily at hand when the time comes to use the jet ski.

Once the personal watercraft has been purchased, it’s time to take to the water. Every time a new owner takes their jet ski out on the water, they can be sure of having a great time. Enjoy the new personal watercraft today. It’s a splash!

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