Rugby League

Why is rugby such an awesome sport for Australians?

Rugby is a really popular Australian sport. This team sport involves a lot of physical contacts, not unlike that of American Football. But Rugby has got its own merits, and there are a lot of rugby leagues and players located in Australia, from the quiet suburbs of Erina to the bustling streets of Gosford, you can find a lot of Rugby lovers. Since rugby is a team sport, you may want to join some kind of Erina Rugby League Club. This is so that you can actually meet new people who play Rugby, and you can join them as part of their team. You should do all of that because Rugby is an awesome sport for the following reasons.

All action

During the 80 or so minutes of one rugby game, it is all action. There is hardly any downtime during the whole duration of the game. There is always something on happening on the rugby field, so it does not matter if you are a spectator or a participant in the sport, you will feel your heart pump and adrenaline rise if you play or enjoy Rugby. For anyone that has always wanted to enjoy a sport that has got a lot of fast-paced excitement, then Rugby is the game for you.

A real man’s sport

If you have seen Rugby, you know just how rough the sport is. Unlike American football, Rugby is played without any padding at all. So the players on each team have got to take it like a man when they get hit on the field. Rugby really strengthens a guy and teaches them endurance. If you want to play a sport that espouses classical masculine values and enjoys something where strength and power count for a lot, then you should try playing the sport of Rugby. It is true when they say that Rugby is the sport of real men.

Team sport

Rugby is a team sport, each time is comprised of as many as fifteen players. So this means that each one of those rugby players is contributing something to the overall victory of the team. If you played Rugby, you can learn all about the different merits of team play in rugby and how teamwork really works! Rugby is one of the few sports wherein teamwork really counts. Each man that is playing on the team has got a concrete contribution towards the victory of the team.

You will need to purchase some kind of membership at an Erina Rugby League Club, which you can find. If you had a membership at a rugby league club, then you can form a team with the members that you meet. And you are sure to meet a lot of people who love Rugby as much as you do. Even if you are still a beginner at Rugby, you would quickly fall in love with the sport. So do not hesitate to join a Rugby club right now. You would have so much fun and make a lot of new friends if you joined a Rugby league.