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Duct Tape

Lintape has a broad range of cloth tapes and duct tapes. We manufacture adhesive tape to meet the demands of many varied applications in professional trades.

Product Description

In general, these tapes are strong and offer good conformability and some can be removed cleanly with no residue. We manufacture a range of gaffer tape for the entertainment industry. All cloth tapes from Lintape Tapes have non-corrosive adhesives keeping any reaction with the surface applied down to a minimum. Some will peel clean from surfaces. Polycoated tapes perform better in this respect, although surfaces should be tested if this is critical.

If you wish to write on the tape for identification purposes, uncoated tapes may be the best choice. Alternatively, tapes with a matt surface will perform better than gloss coated tapes. The most popular colours are black, silver and white. For a much wider range of colours, polycoated tapes offer the best choice.

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