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Polypropylene Tape

Adhesive polypropylene tapes are nowadays used in large scale for sealing of corrugated cartoons, craft paper boxes and other paper boxes. These tapes are made by coating polypropylene film tape with rubber adhesives. These tapes are also used for immediate sealing of envelopes, paper items, rubber items, and other such uses.

Product Description

Polypropylene tapes are ideal for all general sealing tasks. Polypropylene is a strong material that cannot be torn by hand so is best used with a bench or hand dispenser. Lintape can provide polypropylene tapes with a variety of adhesives suitable for a huge array of applications. Acrylic adhesive makes for an economical tape suitable for use in ambient conditions. Polypropylene acrylic tapes are perfect for most general sealing and packaging jobs as they stick well on a variety of surfaces including polythene and boxes. Hot melt adhesives have a high instant grab making them excellent for high volume sealing and machine use. Polypropylene hot melt tapes work best at 5 to 50 degrees c and are widely used in fast paced or automated packing environments. Solvent adhesives are suitable for use in refrigerated environments. Polypropylene solvent tapes create a strong bond that will withstand a wide range of temperatures. Low Noise tapes are excellent for use in busy packing or despatch areas as they dispense quietly from the roll. Lintape can supply tapes printed with your own message or logo in up to 8 colours. Please contact a member of our sales team to see how we can help promote your business. We also provide a range of dispensers and box sealing machinery to maximise output.

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